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Midwife Touch Ambassador Recognition award-

• Educating other midwives or parents on the power of Touch and massage to foster health newborn development



Different Quality Indicators shaping out the field of Midwifery with modern technologies are needed to be updated and the caliberation of the technological logistics are needed to be audited on a regular basis.


Effective ACME ( Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education ) execution to increase quality care in midwifery practices.


Focusing on the quality indicators frame the major outline of any Association. For buiding a powerful tech-team of globalised Midwifery Ambassadors, certain indicators are needed to be followed.


Women who stop breastfeeding before meeting their goals often report they did not have enough milk.There are multiple maternal risk factors for delayed milk production and suppressed lactation.Demographic trends in developed countries indicate all these risk factors have increased, some quite dramatically, in the last 20 years. Additionally, many women have multiple risk factors and are at significant risk for lactation problems. The early postpartum period is a critical time for establishing and supporting breast feeding.New evidence suggests babies’ feeding behaviors have an important role in determining lactation success.By identifying mothers who are at risk for delayed or suppressed milk production, especially those mothers with multiple risk factors, clinicians can increase surveillance of infant feeding progress and intervene proactively with breast pump initiation technology.

  • Track 5-1Psychological counselling: Hypnobirthing Visualization –A Mental power toolkit

Using AR headsets and lifelike models of full-term mothers, trainee midwives at Middlesex University can take part in fully simulated births, which the university’s clinical staff hope will both hone their clinical skills and leave them better prepared to face challenges rarely seen in day-to-day practice. AR technology offers users an interactive experience in which objects in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated information.

The current health workforce demand to meet the SDGs is 4.45 midwives, nurses and doctors per 1000 population. This can be achieved by:

- Optimizing the existing workforce in pursuit of the SDGs and UHC (e.g. by education, employment, retention)

- Anticipating future workforce requirements by 2030 and planning the necessary changes (e.g. a fit for-purpose, needs-based workforce)

- Strengthening individual and institutional capacity to manage HRH policy, planning and implementation (e.g. migration and regulation)

- Strengthening the data, evidence and knowledge on cost-effective policy decisions (e.g. national health workforce accounts).


This year the focus of World Health Day is universal healthcare for all: everyone, everywhere.  This theme really resonates with ICM as it’s particularly relevant to our work. Globally, women awareness and accessing technology at maternity services experiences are too much too soon or too little too late. Autonomous midwives working to their full scope of practise in enabling environments within functioning health care systems are the key to achieving the best outcomes for every woman, everywhere, every day.The aim is evidence based woman-centred, safe and effective maternal and newborn health systems.  

The process of getting information on a technology can be tricky, so a couple of examples will be given to illustrate how to go about it. During pregnancy ,  mother might find it a good idea to test  skills at getting information on a technology and to see how willing the midwife, nurse or doctor is to provide full, unbiased information.It is likely that a routine ultrasound scan will be suggested fairly early in your pregnancy. This presents a perfect opportunity to ask a few questions

  • Track 9-1Information on Prenatal Technologies

These unique infant sucking patterns in the first few days of life appear to program mother’s breasts for optimal milk production. New breast pump initiation technology that mimics early newborn sucking is a potentially viable and safe intervention to provide at-risk mothers with additional breast stimulation for optimal milk production outcomes. In many lactation situations, interventions aren’t started until a mother reports problems.Hybrid Expansion of Retail and Online Channels to Lead Future Growth’ presents a comprehensive analysis of the industry covering aspects including market size of maternity and baby care products market by revenue and market segmentation by product categories in each industry.


Challenges and barriers to CNM/CM clinical practice generally fall into one of two categories: those created by restrictive state laws and regulations and those that, although they may have a regulatory component, can be considered related to the business of midwifery. This section of the paper describes major regulatory and business midwifery challenges.